© Hans van der Woerd
© Hans van der Woerd


CHAMBER MUSIC @ Machreich Artists!

With its wonderful, important and broad repertoire, chamber music has always been a special genre in music history. Due to its flexibility, it was popular with the nobility and the bourgeois classes, with composers and performers alike, and this also made it a laboratory and motor of musical innovation.

The vast possibilities of this fruitful mix of highest artistic standards and cross-genre flexibility convinced Machreich Artists to expand its activities to chamber music, despite the ravages of the pandemic, and since the beginning of the 2021/22 season our chamber music department has been active, looked after by our colleague Marius Gussmann.

The first, carefully selected ensembles to join our roster include renowned formations such as the Esmé, Escher, Minetti and (most recently) Tchalik String Quartets, the Amatis and Eggner Piano Trios and special ensembles, such as the Mariani Piano Quartet and the Ensemble Diderot, the latter specialized in early music.

In addition to the diverse chamber music activities at the core of our agency, we also strive to implement extraordinary programmes and special projects which combine the best of our two agency worlds, realizing new ideas and enabling fascinating collaborations. Several concrete projects have already emerged, for example the Kafka programme of Thomas Quasthoff and the Amatis Trio. Details on this and other extraordinary projects can be found in the new category “Projects” on our website. 

The entire Machreich Artists Team is delighted about this artistic growth and looks forward to successful work with and on behalf of our intriguing chamber music ensembles!