©Frederic Iovino
©Frederic Iovino


DAVID STEFFENS in his debut as King Marke at the Opéra de Lille

The role of King Marke is an integral figure in the intertwined love triangle that develops together with Wagner’s eponymous protagonists, which unfolds against the backdrop of an endangered kingdom and the end of a war. As far as operas go, few can rival the orchestral magnificence of Wagner's four hours of uninterrupted breath, culminating in the unequalled summit of operatic art represented by the famous death of Isolde...

In his first time tackling the operatic stage, artistic director Tiago Rodrigues envisages his heroes as neither naïve nor trapped; they assert their transgression and choose to live their impossible love on the margins, like an enchanted interlude.

Adding to the theme of debuts this season, David Steffens will take on the role of the principal antagonist Kaspar in C. M von Weber’s Der Freischütz this summer, marking his first appearance at the Bregenz Festival. A series of firsts surely not to be missed!


Daniel Brenna, Tristan
Annemarie Kremer, Isolde
Marie-Adeline Henry, Brangäne
Alexandre Duhamel, Kurwenal
David Steffens, King Marke
David Ireland, Melot
Kaëlig Boché, a shepherd, a sailor
Sofia Dias, Vítor Roriz, choreography dance

Cornelius Meister, conductor
Tiago Rodrigues, staging
taken over by Sophie Bricaire
Fernando Ribeiro, stage
José António Tenente, costumes
Rui Monteiro, light
Simon Hatab, dramaturgy
Stephen Schreiber, musical assistance
Nicolas Chesneau, choir director

Chœur de l’Opéra de Lille
Orchestre National de Lille


13, 16, 21, 24 & 28 March 2024
Richard Wagner: Tristan und Isolde
Opéra de Lille