Florian Boesch © Andreas Weiss
Florian Boesch © Andreas Weiss


FLORIAN BOESCH gives a song recital at the Vienna State Opera

Ballads by Carl Loewe and Robert Schumann are among the masterworks of their genre, and Florian Boesch is their ideal performer. A tremendously gifted storyteller, Florian Boesch has the ability to create characters before the listeners’ inner ear and eye. He brings the characters in these dramatic texts to life, investing the miniature dramas with great power and verisimilitude.

For the second part of his recital, Florian Boesch has chosen the Heine songs from Schubert’s “Schwanengesang”. In Heine, Schubert had found a poet who challenged him, offering more than memorable linguistic images which he could effortlessly transpose into music. Accordingly, his musical settings were equally drastic, disillusioned and shocking in their sonic realism. A song like the one about the “unhappy Atlas” bearing “the entire world of pain” stands like a motto for the prevalent atmosphere at the time. Here, Schubert unlocked new dimensions of the art of singing, and there is no doubt that Florian Boesch will endow these songs with more than adequate expressivity.


1. December 2022
Wiener Staatsoper
Ballads by Carl Loewe and Robert Schumann 
Heine  songs from Schubert's "Schwanengesang"

Florian Boesch, bassbaritone
Malcolm Martineau, piano