Theresa Pewal
Theresa Pewal


JAN PETRYKA mit Schuberts "Schwanengesang" in Barcelona

Schubert's Schwanengesang is a little different from his other major cycles Die schöne Müllerin and the Winterreise, not least because Schubert died before he was able to complete the work. It remains contentious as to whether the composer actually planned these songs as a cycle. To give them a kind of conceptual unity, Schubert's publisher Tobias Haslinger added the song Die Taubenpost to the end of the cycle, whose text corresponds to the opening LiebesbotschaftThis was certainly not Schubert's plan, since Die Taubenpost is the only piece in the cycle which is not based on a poem by Heine or Rellstab. Whatever Schubert's intentions, the cycle would seem incomplete if any of the songs were missing, not least the imploring Ständchen and the melancholy Atlas.

At his first appearance with the Lied Festival Victoria de los Ángeles, Polish tenor Jan Petryka is joined by pianist James Baillieu. The recital is to be streamed live by Takt1 and LIFE Victoria Barcelona

Jan Petryka, tenor
James Baillieu, piano


10 November | 8:00 pm

Lied Festival Victoria de los Ángeles

Barcelona | Sant Pau Recinte Modernista