Michael Schade © Daniela Matejschek
Michael Schade © Daniela Matejschek


MICHAEL SCHADE | Recital at Vienna Konzerthaus

Michael Schade is celebrated for his cultured piano vocalism just as much as his expressivity. His new song recital programme, in which he is joined by pianist Justus Zeyen and actor Karl Markovics, spans an entire century. The title of the carefully conceived programme, “Hinterm Berg brennt’s” (Fire behind the mountain!), is taken from Eduard Mörike’s eerie poem Der Feuerreiter, which Hugo Wolf set to such exciting music. In text and tones, the three adventurous artists explore an epoch covering many different facets. Starting amidst the waning days of Sentimentalism, they reach the profound and melancholy realm of Romanticism, shaken as it was by revolutions. The end of their journey is marked by the nostalgic retrospective, as practiced by fragile, fragmented incipient Modernism. Alongside many familiar works, there are rarely-heard jewels, such as the colourful melodramas of Robert Schumann as well as Friedrich Nietzsche, who underpinned the famous Eichendorff poem In einem kühlen Grunde with an expressive piano composition.

Michael Schade, Tenor
Karl Markovics, Narrator
Justus Zeyen, Piano

"Hinterm Berg brennt's" – A Century in Words and Music
Song Recital featuring Songs and Poems by Goethe, Schubert, Eichendorff, Schumann, Brahms, Mörike, Wolf, Nietzsche, Korngold, Zemlinsky et al.