credit: Bernd Uhlig
credit: Bernd Uhlig


OLIVIA VERMEULEN gastiert mit Scarlatti an der Berliner Staatsoper unter den Linden

With the oratorio Il Primo Omicidio ovvero Caino, first performed in Venice in 1707, Scarlatti created a remarkable musical setting of the Old Testament tale of Cain and Abel, which stands out due to his highly original use of individual instruments. Unlike many oratorio texts, the libretto is not in Latin, but in the language of opera, i.e. Italian. The audience witnesses the first murder in the history of mankind: Adam and Eve lament their fall, due to which they were driven out of Paradise.

Further to her house and role debut in Paris earlier this year, Olivia Vermeulen now reprises the role of Abel also at Berlin's Staatsoper unter den Linden. 



Kristina Hammarström, Caino
Olivia Vermeulen, Abel
Brigitte Christensen, Eva
Thomas Walker, Adamo
Benno Schachtner, Voce di Dio
Arttu Kataja, Voce di Lucifero

René Jacobs, musical director
Romeo Castellucci, director | set design | costume | light
Silvia Costa, assistant director
Piersandra Di Matteo & Christian Longchamp, dramaturgy

B’Rock Orchestra