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Felix Broede


OLIVIA VERMEULEN mit ihrem Album „Dirty Minds“ in Oxford und Zeist

On the occasion of two recitals at the Oxford Lieder Festival and the Internationaal Lied Festival in Zeist, Olivia Vermeulen will present her multi-award-winning solo album "Dirty Minds" on 21 and 23 October, firstly performed at the Amsterdam Concertgebouw in February 2020 and released with Challenge Records. 

Seemingly harmless, these songs have one common denominator: Olivia Vermeulen is singing about sex. Vermeulen and her pianist Jan Philip Schulze use a lot of humor to open up the world that lies behind the "flowers and bees",  in combination with more explicit erotic songs. Partly thanks to Vermeulen's clear sound and pronunciation, this program will appeal to many enthusiasts, but also take the curious listener into a naughty song world.

The 2020 Edison Classic jury proclaimed "Dirty Minds", the album with these erotic songs, as the discovery of the year: "From loving longing to gruesome violence, occasionally explicit but usually subtle and indirect. It is fascinating to hear how the atmosphere on this album constantly changes, after which a completely different world unfolds. "

Olivia Vermeulen, mezzo-soprano
Jan Philip Schulze, piano

OLIVIA VERMEULEN on her solo album "Dirty minds"
OLIVIA VERMEULEN on her solo album "Dirty minds"

21 October | 10:00 pm
Oxford Lieder Festival | Jacqueline du Pré Music Building

23 October | 04:00 pm 
Internationaal Lied Festival Zeit | Grote Kerkzaal