Felix Broede
Felix Broede


OLIVIA VERMEULEN to give her recital debut at Brucknerhaus Linz

The internationally renowned mezzo-soprano Olivia Vermeulen will embark on a journey of discovery along the period of influence of the Second Viennese School together with the pianist Jan Philip Schulze, who is not least outstanding as an interpreter of New Music. Beginning with Alexander von Zemlinsky and late romantic (youth) songs by Arnold Schoenberg, Anton von Webern and Alban Berg, the program traces a path through works of the mature period that explore the boundaries of tonality to the American exile during World War II, thus revealing lesser-known facets of the most influential compositional school of the 20th century. The works of Hanns Eisler and Theodor W. Adorno, for example, as well as Schönberg's cabaret-style Brettl-Lieder, reveal these facets of the most influential compositional school of the twentieth century.

Olivia Vermeulen, Mezzosoprano
Jan Philip Schulze, Klavier

Works by Webern, Schönberg, Zemlinsky, Berg, Adorno und Eisler.


The Second Viennese School between Late Romanticism and Exile

4 May | 7:30 pm

Brucknerhaus Linz | Middle Hall