PATRICIA PETIBON | Les Chants d'Ulysse Academy

The Les Chants d'Ulysse academy was conceived and designed by the French soprano Patricia Petibon and the flautist and oboist Héloïse Gaillard (artistic director of the Ensemble Amarillis) with the aim of promoting the interaction and plurality of artistic disciplines. The academy is aimed at students, singers and musicians, future professionals and aspiring artists.

This exceptional, international academy offers students aged 18 and over and accompanied minors a personalised musical education that meets the expectations of each individual.  The academy is designed for personal development and enrichment and offers access to collective practice and shared reflection thanks to the participation of exceptional artistic personalities.

The Les Chants d'Ulysse academy offers participants the opportunity to work on the intersection of the arts thanks to its multidisciplinary approach: Masterclasses and collective workshops (musical improvisation and physical theatre).

The pedagogical team, led by soprano Patricia Petibon and musician Héloïse Gaillard, is made up of internationally renowned artists, members of the Ensemble Amarillis and loyal accomplices, all of whom share a wealth of experience on stage and a passion for communication. The Les Chants d'Ulysse academy is sponsored by the director, poet and writer Olivier Py.

This interdisciplinary masterclass will take place at the Théâtre le Dôme de Saumur and the Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud, opening on 26 April 2024 with a concert by Patricia Petibon, the Ensemble Amarillis under the direction of Héloïse Gaillard, Thierry Escaich and Olivier Py.

In addition to the daily masterclasses, the young artists will be trained in improvisation by Thierry Escaich, receive acting lessons from the two directors Corinne and Gilles Benizio and dance lessons from the choreographer and dancer Sabine Novel. The academy is rounded off by talks and discussions with Olivier Py, the renowned ENT doctor Elisabeth Fresnel, the physicist Etienne Klein and astrophysicist Patrick Michel.

Detailed information and the programme for the current season can be found here.



Honneur à Aliénor d'Aquitaine - Ensemble Amarillis
Auditorium Abbaye royale de Fontevraud
26 April 2024 | 20:00

Closing concerts
Le Dôme - Théâtre Le Dôme
4 May 2024 | 17:00

Conference dates:

Sur les traces d’Ulysse et Pénélope
Auditorium, Abbaye royale de Fontevraud
27 April 2024 | 18:30

Communication extra verbale
Le Dôme - Théâtre Le Dôme
28 April 2024 | 18:30

De la vie aux racines des arbres : Un ciel incontournable
Le Dôme - Théâtre Le Dôme
30 April 2024 | 18:30

La voix dans tous ses etats
Le Dôme - Théâtre Le Dôme
2 May 2024 | 18:30