© Hans van der Woerd
© Hans van der Woerd


Warm welcome to the new season 2021/22!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

On the occasion of Machreich Artist Management’s 10-year anniversary, we invite you to join our artists in looking towards the 2021/2022 season with hope and courage.

The name Machreich stands not only for an invitation to musical activity and the success which may result from it. We dedicate ourselves first and foremost to the customized artistic development of each singer, and now also several selected chamber music formations. Especially in challenging times, mutual trust and personal attention is the basis for every fruitful collaboration. This enables us to design individual projects and create inspiring constellations. Thus, together with my highly qualified team, I have decided to start offering a small but exquisite portfolio of chamber music ensembles. To this day, there are few musical formats so flexible and adaptable to local conditions while fulfilling the highest artistic standards and offering an impressively diverse basis for new or cross-genre programme concepts, as chamber music. Especially in times like these, which require a high level of trust across all levels of society, demand flexibility and reward innovative thinking, we have decided to send a strong signal by opening a chamber music division – a signal of our faith in cultural creators, art itself and its spiritual freedom. Following the guiding principles of our agency, we have taken care to choose exquisite, unique and expressive ensembles, which is why we are proud and excited to present the first chamber music formations in the history of our agency on the following pages.

And since novelty likes company, we would also like to point out our future special projects, combining the best of vocal artistry and chamber music, breaking open and reimagining familiar notions of formats and artistic reception by pursuing new approaches and immersive ideas. We hope you enjoy discovering these new features – and keep returning for more!

We shall continue using our hearts and minds to come up with concepts and ideas, offering you the best advice we can with abundant positive energy!

Helga Machreich & the entire Machreich Artists Team


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