© Marija Kanizaj
© Marija Kanizaj


NIKOLAUS HABJAN as Art Whistler in Vienna Konzerthaus

The New Year's Eve concerts, which Nikolaus Habjan has been giving regularly at the Konzerthaus in Vienna since 2017, are one cherished tradition for him and a fixed point on his agenda. So he is always looking forward to having the opportunity in this festive atmosphere to come up with new ideas and to be able to perform them with long-time companions - as this year with a highly varied as entertaining program!

Did you know that whistling was developed into an art in Vienna as early as the 1880s? Performances by whistling musicians were extremely popular – even Crown Prince Rudolf is said to have been a great lover of art whistling. Nikolaus Habjan has rediscovered this extraordinary music for himself – and simply whistles everything he likes: »I haven't yet found a piece that can't be whistled,« says the Graz native. Musically supported by his guests, he accompanies us whistling into the New Year with his incredibly virtuoso aerial art!

Nikolaus Habjan, art whistler & conférencier
Ines Schüttengruber, piano
Lukas Sternath, piano
Thomas Bachmair, trumpet, flugelhorn
Tobias Kochseder, accordion
Eduardo Antiao Barria, cello

Works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Schubert, Johannes Brahms, Antonín Dvořák, Giuseppe Verdi and Astor Piazzolla

NIKOLAUS HABJAN | Art Whistling: Selected Arias
NIKOLAUS HABJAN | Art Whistling: Selected Arias